1790 Grade I house by Adam re-imagined

Fitzroy Square, London, UK Private home

The southern & eastern sides of Fitzroy Square, built in 1790-92, are Robert Adam’s largest & most important remaining London townscape project.

No.33 had not been a single residence for over 2 centuries from 1800 to 2000 when it was converted back from institutional use.  Our brief is to both create a very comfortable new family home & also to do the best job possible in terms of the authenticity of craft skills & historic detail.  Unfortunately the 2000 conversion used a lot of non-original detailing & materials so a further part of our brief was their complete replacement & upgrading.

An English Heritage blue plaque commemorates the building as the early 20th century home of the Omega Workshops.  Then from the late 1930’s up until 2000 it became the London Foot Hospital, the world’s first such specialist facility.

Renovation work began in Autumn 2018 & completed on late 2021. Photographs by Richard Davies (construction) & Richard Waite (completion).

February 2019
April 2019
August 2019
December 2019
May 2020
New timber laths waiting to be fixed
June 2020
September 2020 - lime plaster specialist John Izod
Lime plaster & animal hair mix
March 2021
May 2021
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October 2021
November 2021
Sandra Phaup - TCA
Brian Fyfe - Size Group